About Customs Agents

Customs Agent Licence Renewal

The customs agent license is valid for a period of one year and expire on the 31st of Dec of every year.

Application for renewal of the license is made on the prescribed License renewal form and submitted to customs.

The Licensing Officer shall check for compliance with the conditions for renewal and confirm that the company has no outstanding transactions or pending queries.

What Documents will be required?

  • Produce a current tax compliance certificate.

  • Replenish CB 11 bond of 5,000 USD.

  • Be a current membership of Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association.

  • Have audited accounts for the previous financial year for both company and directors.

  • Produce of CR 12 certificate showing list of shareholders of company.

  • Clear with relevant KRA sections - Investigation and Enforcement (I&E), Customs Enforcement.

  • Receipt of payment of the annual fee of 400 USD.

If the applicant has no pending queries or outstanding transactions, a recommendation is made Commissioner's office for renewal of the license.

NOTE: No License shall be renewed if the applicant has any pending queries or outstanding transactions.