Installation of Smart Gates at Oil Installation Depots and Other Customs Release Stations


Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) wishes to notify all stakeholders in the Petroleum Industry that the roll out of the eFuels Project under the Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) is now complete.

In order to enhance system and operational efficiency, the Authority intends to deploy a ‘transporter booking’ module in RECTS. The module will enable all petroleum transporters book in advance their trucks for entry and loading at oil installations through RECTS.

The transporter booking module uses a smart gate functionality that allows only those trucks booked in advance to access oil installation facilities for loading and exit, after all Customs Release Procedures have been finalized.

Piloting and testing of this functionality will commence at the Eldoret Kenya Pipeline Depot in the month of June 2021. A gradual implementation to other oil installations shall follow, then an eventual roll out at all Customs release points.

We request all stakeholders to ensure compliance with all relevant Customs Release Procedures.

Commissioner for Customs & Border Control