Compliance with County Rates, Permits and Licensing Obligations


The Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) and the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) do hereby give notice to the public and traders within Nairobi City County that the period for compliance with payment of land rates and renewal of licenses and permits expired on 31st March 2021.

Consequently, interest and penalties shall be payable for late payments or non-payment of rates, permits and licenses in accordance with the relevant legislations.

In addition, enforcement actions including but not limited to the following will be initiated against non-compliant persons and entities forthwith:-

  • Arrest and prosecution of persons and entities operating without valid permits or licenses. 
  • Suspension or revocation of permits or licenses for non-compliance. 
  • Revocation of any development approvals for non-payment of land rates. 
  • Collection of rent directly from tenants by the Nairobi City County Government in case of non-payment of land rates. 
  • Repossession and auction of the property to recover the debt. 
  • Denial of services offered by the Nairobi City County Government

Members of the public and traders are further advised to be aware of fraudsters issuing fake permits and licences or asking them for bribes to avoid enforcement action.

KRA and NCCG will take action, including arrest and prosecution, against fraudsters issuing fake permits and licenses. Any person found in possession of fake business permits or licenses will be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the relevant laws.

To authenticate the identity of authorized County or KRA officers, or the authenticity of a permit or license, contact the Call Centre on Tel No: 0709 014 747 or Email:

For further enquiries, visit NCCG Offices at City Hall, nearest NCCG Sub County Office or KRA Offices at Times Towers Ground Floor Banking Hall

Deputy Commissioner County Revenue, Kenya Revenue Authority